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If you are looking for the best telescope combined with best value for money, then you must look at our Bushnell & Celestron telescopes. We have some very innovative  telescopes in stock and we would recommend a visit to our Swanage or Dorchester stores where you can speak to our experienced staff. Bushnell’s Voyager telescope with Sky Tour is fantastic value for money. Sky Tour gives you an audio tour of the night sky and the smart mount lights up and points the way to the celestrial object being described in the audio tour. Also included is a red dot finder scope. Bushnell’s more advanced Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope at under £500 is unique in having a real voice computer system which describes what you are looking at. It’s North Star computer system automatically finds your desired target.

Celestron’s most popular starting refractor telescope is the Sky Scout 90 as it comes with a bracket which will hold the ‘Sky Scout Personal Planetarium’. You can therefore start with a low cost telescope before upgrading it to an electronic system which can identify objects in the night sky, the total package price being £390. Celestron’s most popular telescope at under £400 is not actually from their stable of traditional reflecting telescopes as their Nexstar 127SLT combines the Maksutov – Cassegrain system with their Sky Align technology. All you need is three bright objects in the sky and the telescope will automatically locate its position. Another great telescope in this collection which would be a better choice when combined with spotting objects on land is the 102SLT, this is a refractor telescope with less magnification.

Tasco telescopes are the most popular brand as a starter telescope with prices for a full size 100 x 50 refractor telescope at under £50. Also, one of the most popular purchases in our Swanage shop is our full size traditional fleet inspection brass telescope, priced at under £300.