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The following pages have an extensive collection of branded pens, including ball pens, rollerball pens and fountain pens. If you would like a contemporary styled pen set, then have a look at our exclusive brand from Paris ‘Lexon’, they have some very unique pen kits in their range. Their Cubix aliminium rollerball pen comes in some fantastic anodised colours with matching aliminium boxes.

If you are considering a Cross pen then you will be interested to hear that Cross Pens now have an extensive range of complimentary wallets, cufflinks and other accessories. This brand has become one of the most sought after styles in the UK market. Their quality is legendry and their styling is of the highest level of sophistication.

For a lower priced/good quality fountain pen, why not try a Waterman pen in our specialised retail outlet in Swanage Dorset. We would recommend the following brands in this category, Lamy Pens which have very contemporary styling, Rotring pens for technical applications or if you prefer more traditional then Waterman Pens.

If money is no object then you have to consider Montblanc pens with their extensive collection of high quality complimentary accessories.