Designer Clocks

Our comprehensive collection of clocks covers many different types from digital alarm clocks to retro wall clocks. We are always looking to bring unusual clocks to our customers, so you will find some very cool clocks in our collection.

Our exclusive range from Paris ‘Lexon’ has a great range of LED alarm clocks which are just the ticket if you are looking for a ‘light up alarm clock’. This is an ideal range if you are looking for a retro alarm clock or a novelty clock, designed by some of the best designers in Europe.

Lexon also produce mantel clocks and their flip clock ‘x clock’ automatically adjusts to the correct time wherever you are in the world by satellite navigation.

If you are looking for a retro wall clock then our range from Karlsson clocks represent the highest level in modern design. We also stock contemporary wall clocks from Newgate clocks, these are excellent quality and great value for money and they have a design to suit all, in contemporary and traditional styling.

If you love retro clocks and you want the very best in style for your wall, then we would recommend a Karlsson wall clock.